Have a try to give a literary translation of the poem. Look up the translation of the following words and word combinations in the dictionary:

Unit 7. NEWS


Look up the translation of the following words and word combinations in the dictionary:

1) according to(prep)According tofinancial observers the central bank will reduce interest rates by 1%.

2) asthma (n) Asthmais a medical condition that makes it difficult to breathe.

3) break down(phr v) He broke downand cried when he was sentenced to seven years in jail.

4) bully (n) Pia’s previous boss was a real bully.

5) claim(v) Burglar Frank Gort broke down and cried, claimingseven was his unlucky number!

6) cry(v) He broke down and criedwhen he was sentenced to seven years in jail.

7) dislocated (adj) If part of your body is dislocated, the bone is not in its normal position.

8) divorce proceedings(n pl) Divorce proceedingsare the legal processes that take place when a couple divorce.

9) exhaustion (n) Doctors are treating the film star for “exhaustion” at a rehabilitation centre.

10) hailstorm (n) A hailstormis a storm in which balls of ice fall from the sky.

11) hostage (n) Kidnappers released the hostageslast night.

12) interest rate (n) According to financial observers the central bank will reduce interest ratesby 1%.

13) kidnapper (n) Kidnappersare criminals who take other people away illegally, often for money.

14) long-awaited(adj) The record company has finally released the singer’s long-awaitedalbum.

15) nomination(n) The Oscar committee has announced the Oscar nominations.

16) observer (n) Financial observersare experts in finance whose opinions are broadcast or published.

17) personalised registrationA personalised registration numberon a car is one that has your name number or initials on it.

18) piercing(n) The headmistress said that Paula knew that piercingwas against the school rules.

19) promotion (n) She worked really hard at her job and got a promotion.

20) rave reviews(n pl) Rave reviewsare reports in a newspaper that say that a CD or film is extremely good.

21) release (v) When a record company releasesan album, it makes it available for people to buy.

22) relieved(adj) The hostages are on their way home to their relievedfamilies.

23) retire (v) Pia has been a lot happier since her previous boss retired.

24) starvation diet(n) A starvation dietis one in which people eat very little in order to lose weight quickly.

25) stressful (adj) Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, but work’s been really stressful.

26) take pity on sb If you take pity on someone, you feel sorry for them.

27) the slow lane(n) The slow laneof a motorway is the one used by vehicles travelling at a slower speed.

28) troubled (adj) Someone who is troubledis very upset or worried because they have a lot of problems.

29) water hydrant (n) A water hydrantis an upright water pipe in the street.

30) wheelchair (n) A wheelchairis a chair with large wheels used by someone who cannot walk.


1) attention(n)Celebrities should change their job if they don’t enjoy the attention.

2) celebrity (n) Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman are both well-known celebrities.

3) chase (v) A female photographer was chasingKate Moss in New York and fell over a water hydrant!

4) cooperate (v) Many celebrities refuse to cooperatewith the paparazzi.

5) definitive (adj) Nowadays there are more paparazzi than ever, all trying to get the definitivecelebrity photo.

6) desperate (adj) I’m desperateto become rich and famous. I’d do anything to be a celebrity.

7) draw the line If you draw the linein a situation, you decide what is acceptable and what is not.

8) follow (v) In an interview she complained that the paparazzi followedher everywhere.

9) get a shot (phr) Nicole Kidman always agrees to smile for the camera so the paparazzi get their shot.

10) glamorous (adj) People are obsessed with the glamorouslifestyles of celebrities.

11) gossip(n) Do you enjoy reading gossipabout famous people?

12) hypocritical (adj) Jack thinks that some celebrities are hypocritical– they want publicity but don’t like being chased by the paparazzi.

13) be increasingly obsessed (phr) Society is increasingly obsessedwith celebrities.

14) insensitive (adj) The paparazzi are not completely insensitive– they try not to involve children.

15) invade sb’s privacy If you invade someone’s privacy, you refuse to leave them alone.

16) leave sb alone (phr) Once the paparazzi get their shot of a celebrity, they then leave them alone.

17) paparazzi (n pl) Paparazziare photographers who take photos of celebrities as their job.

18) photogenic (adj) Someone who is photogeniclooks good in photographs.

19) be photographed (phr) Do you think celebrities enjoy being photographedby the paparazzi?

20) photographer (n) Paparazzi are photographerswho take photos of celebrities as their job.

21) play the game (phr) Nicole plays the gameand always agrees to smile for the camera.

22) press (n) “The press” is an expression meaning newspapers and magazines.

23) private life (n) My boss was a real bully, but apparently she was unhappy in her private life.

24) reason with sb (v) We try to reason withthe celebrities and explain that we don’t want to upset them.

25) smile for the camera(phr) Everyone smile for the camera, please!

26) swear (v) Celebrities often shout and swearat the paparazzi.

27) take photos ofIt’s not OK when paparazzi take photos ofcelebrities’ children.

28) unflattering (adj) Unflatteringphotos of celebrities show they’re not perfect.

29) upset (v) We try to reason with the celebrities and explain that we don’t want to upsetthem.


1) arrest (v) Sanders was arrestedafter ringing the FBI to ask if he was still on its “wanted” list!

2) burglar(n) A burglaris someone who steals things from people’s houses.

3) catch criminals(phr) Police officers fight crime and try to catch criminals.

4) commit a crime(phr)People on a “wanted” list have committed crimesbut haven’t been arrested yet.

5) convicted thief(n) Convicted thief, Cass Mei, escaped from guards at the prison hospital.

6) court (n) A judge is someone who sentences criminals in court.

7) a dramatic chase(phr)Police cars were involved in a dramatic chasealong the motorway.

8) escape (n) Prison authorities were embarrassed by the escapeof convicted thief, Cass Mei.

9) escape from jail(phr)A fugitive is someone who has escaped from jail.

10) escort sb off the motorway(phr) A n 85-year-old man was escorted off the M4motorway because he was riding in a wheelchair!

11) fight crime(phr) Police officers fight crimeand try to catch criminals.

12) fugitive (n) A fugitiveis someone who has escaped from jail and is hiding from the police.

13) guard (n) He escaped from guardsat the prison hospital.

14) in jail(phr) The judge sentenced him to seven years in jail.

15) judge (n) A judgeis someone who sentences criminals in court.

16) kidnap (v) The notice in the back of the car said, “Help us, we have been kidnapped.”

17) patrol (v) Traffic police are police who patrolroads and motorways.

18) police car(n) Police carswere involved in a dramatic chase along the motorway.

19) police officer(n) Police officersfight crime and try to catch criminals.

20) police station(n) A TV set was stolen from a Liverpool police stationwhile officers were out fighting crime!

21) prison authorities(n pl) Prison authoritieswere embarrassed by the escape of convicted thief, Cass Mei.

22) prison hospital(n) He escaped from guards at the prison hospital.

23) sentence (v) A judge is someone who sentencescriminals in court.

24) shoplifting (n) Shopliftingis the crime of stealing things from shops or supermarkets.

25) steal (v) A convicted thief is someone who has stolensomething and been

26) sentenced in court.

27) traffic police(n) Traffic policeare police who patrol roads and motorways.

28) “wanted” list(n) People on a “wanted” listhave committed crimes but haven’t been arrested yet.


1) not available for comment (phr) The Minister is out of the country and not available for comment.

2) bar (v) He was barredfrom the Olympics after failing a drugs test.

3) break out(phr v) An argument broke outamongst the delegates.

4) (missing) cash probe (n) A missing cash probeis an investigation that takes place when a large amount of money is missing.

5) delegate (n) A delegateis someone who is chosen to represent a group of other people at a meeting.

6) freak storm/accident etc(adj) A freak stormor accidentis one that is very unusual.

7) hit(v) Freak storm hitsharvest.

8) jobless (adj) “Jobless” means the same as “unemployed”.

9) minister (n) The ministerquit his job after an investigation into missing money.

10) the mysterious disappearance (phr) An investigation was ordered into the mysterious disappearance ofa large amount of money.

11) the opposition(n) The oppositionhas called for the government to provide more jobs in the area.

12) order an investigation (phr) An investigation was orderedinto the mysterious disappearance of a large amount of money.

13) peace talks/negotiations(n pl) Peace talksend in row.

14) quit (v) If you quityour job, you resign.

15) resign (v) If you resignfrom your job, you stop doing it.

16) row (n) A “row” is another word for an “argument”.

17) soar (v) If figures or interest rates soar, they increase very quickly.

18) spokesman (n) A spokesmanfor the Minister said he was unavailable for comment.

19) the unemployed(subst. n) “The unemployed” are all the people without work.

20) wed (v) “Wed” is a word often used in newspaper headlines meaning “to get married”.